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It's a great way to create Flash-based web music players from Winamp skins
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FlashWAmp tool is a great solution to create Flash-based web music players from Winamp skins. It helps to add background music to our web pages. Visitors of the web pages have an easy option to turn the music on or off any time. This tool is very simple to use and we don’t need any Flash or HTML knowledge to create the wonderful web based music players. The music players created through FlashWAmp are fully functional with a stylish look. We can easily customize the player after publishing and it supports different streaming formats including radio streaming. The tool also allows selection of different views like normal or small, with or without playlist etc.
FlashWAmp can automatically collect all Winamp skins from our computer whenever we select the Choose Winamp skin option. We can also download other Winamp skins for our players. For web page visitors it provides all control buttons, volume control and seeking bar as usually found in Winamp player. Playlist box is also adjustable just like the Winamp player. Now FlashWAmp 1.1 comes with SWFObject 2.0, with its help we can embed flash based content in our webpage easily, and there are three options available for publishing methods like SWF only, SWF with HTML-template page, and SWF with HTML code added to clipboard. The SWF file and HTML code created by FlashWAmp can be set in the webpage easily. We can also change the parameters in the HTML code without changing the whole file.

Manoj Goel
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  • No other programs necessary to play audio
  • Compatible with Windows 98/Me/NT/2k/XP/Vista
  • Allows all the functionalities of Winamp players
  • No additional streaming servers are required


  • Visibility of a webpage with music player decreases unless redesigned
  • Only Winamp skins allowed
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